Campari Bitter Aperitiv Vermouth 0.5l

500 ml
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How to enjoy Campari?

Campari is more than a premium drink made by infusing bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruits. It is a drink that creates an experience. Its bright red color, intense aroma and inspiring taste have always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure of taste.

Campari is as multifaceted and elegant as Milan, where it was created. A leading city, at the same time modern and historical, classic and avant-garde, entrepreneurial and creative.

That is why he has been a source of passionate inspiration since 1860, when its founder, a creative genius, came up with a unique and secret recipe that never changed. This makes Campari an extremely versatile drink that offers endless and unexpected opportunities for creativity and experimentation in mixology.

It is an indispensable ingredient for many famous and favorite classic cocktails, such as Negroni and Americano - both included in the official list of IBA drinks. In addition, it tastes good in "easy mixed" cocktails such as Campari Spritz and Campari Tonic, known for their intriguing and unique taste.

Cocktail recipes with Campari

Enjoy Campari at home by simply adding it to a glass of ice or mixing in cocktails.


A real classic that has stood the test of time since 1919.

The Negroni cocktail was invented in Florence in 1919 by Fosco Scarcelli at the Café Casoni bar, after the eminent Count Camilo Negroni asked to make his favorite Americano cocktail stronger by replacing sparkling water with a small amount of gin. Scarselli added a slice of orange as a decoration, instead of the usual slice of lemon. From that moment on, Negroni was born.

The original recipe is a perfectly balanced combination of equal parts Campari, red vermouth and dried gin. The recipe is more than a hundred years old, however, it does not lose its relevance today. The International Bartenders Association (IBA) has approved Campari as the official ingredient in Negroni, so Campari is in the heart of every Negroni. 

• 30 ml Campari 

• 30 ml gin (Campari recommends Bickens or Bulldog) 

• 30 ml sweet vermouth (Campari recommended Cinzano Rosso or Cinzano 1757 Rosso )

​How to cook:

Add all the ingredients to a glass filled with ice.

Garnish with a slice of orange


The perfect combination of two Italian drinks - Campari and vermouth.

Created around 1860 and first served at Caffé Campari, it was originally known as Milano-Torino, thanks to two main ingredients: Campari from Milan and sweet vermouth from Turin. The cocktail later changed its name due to its popularity among American tourists at the turn of the 20th century.

• 30 ml Campari

• 30 ml of sweet vermouth (Campari recommends Cinzano Rosso or Cinzano 1757 Rosso)

• 20 ml of carbonated water

How to cook:

Add the ingredients to the glass

Fill a glass with ice cubes

Add a little carbonated water and stir

Garnish with a slice of orange and lemon zest


Cocktail of the times of "dry law" with a rich intriguing taste.

This famous cocktail recipe was invented by the legendary bartender Harry McElhon from Harry's bar in Paris during the years of dry marriage after moving from the United States. Harry embodied the combination of his American roots with the European way of life, combining Campari bourbon with sweet red vermouth, thus creating a classic cocktail with a rich intense taste.

  • 30 ml Campari
  • 30 ml of sweet vermouth (Campari recommends Cinzano Rosso or Cinzano 1757 Rosso)
  • 45 ml bourbon (Campari recommends Wild Turkey 81 or Wild Turkey 101)

How to cook:

Add all the ingredients to a beaker to mix with the ice cubes

Mix well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Garnish with lemon zest

Campari Tonic 

Simple and refreshing.

Simplicity is often the key to the best results. Just add a little tonic to get a cocktail that quenches thirst. The intense and exciting taste of Campari is complemented by the refreshing bitterness of the tonic in this simple cocktail, creating an easier way to enjoy the iconic bitters.

  • 50 ml Campari
  • 150 ml of tonic

How to cook:

1. Add drinks to an ice glass

2. Garnish with a slice of lime

Campari Spritz

A variation of the classic Aperol Spritz summer cocktail with a more pronounced bitterness. A refreshing cocktail with a rich taste, accentuated by sparkling aromatic notes of sparkling wine.

  • 60 ml Campari
  • 90 ml of dry sparkling wine Cinzano Pro-Spritz or Cinzano Prosecco D.O.C.
  • 20 ml of carbonated water

How to cook:

1. Add all the ingredients to a wine glass filled with ice and mix

2. Garnish with a slice of orangeIdeal as an aperitif before dinner and as a main drink when meeting with friends.

Campari is a leading cultural image with a stylish personality expressed in a creative Italian style.

You can learn more about our legendary recipes on the website


Nutrition facts, 100 g

  • Calories237.20kcal


Ethyl alcohol of the highest purification is rectified from food raw materials, sugar, natural extracts from herbs, plants and fruit, artificial dyes: E122, E102, E133.

General info

  • BrandCampari
  • ManufacturerDavide Campari-Milano S.p.a.
  • Volume500ml
  • Shelf life36 months
  • Storage temperature10...25
  • CountryItaly

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