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Johnson's Cotton Swabs for Children 100pcs

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Product description

Cotton buds are indispensable for the daily care of a baby, starting from the first minutes of his life. These products must be of exceptional quality so as not to cause allergies and irritations. With a constant concern for the health of little boys and girls, the world famous American corporation Johnson & Johnson has developed these cotton swabs. These softest products are made from natural, environmentally friendly cotton fiber and non-toxic plastic. With their help, you can keep the baby's ears and nose clean, dry excessively damp areas of his skin, or apply the necessary medicine or care product. Irreplaceable little helpers for mom from Johnson & Johnson are always on guard for the health of babies! Composition: cotton wool (100% cotton), stick (polypropylene). How to use: For babies: use for gentle cleansing and removal of excess moisture in the folds between the fingers, on the legs, around the eyes, nose and in the outer part of the ears. The sticks can also be used to apply cream to spots and other imperfections in the baby's skin. For adults: Q-tips can be used to apply and remove makeup, and to cleanse the skin around the eyes and in the outer ear....

General information

  • Trademark
    Johnson’s baby
  • Producer
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Country
  • Pack amount
    100 pc
  • Shelf life

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