Gel Fairy Tea tree for washing dishes 500ml

500 ml
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Product description

Try Fairy Tea Tree & Mint! It gives a thick and stable foam, so it does not need to add as much as conventional means. Formula Fairy has millions micro-bubbles that penetrate into the dirt and remove it. Besides, Fairy has a composition which makes soft hands. It does not irritate the skin of hands and completely washed off with water. And thanks to the flavors, which is part of Fairy, washing dish becomes a pleasure! You probably know how is difficult sometimes to wash oil, especially in cold water. Even in small amounts, Fairy Tea tree and peppermint can easy copes with the fat. The active ingredients are so effective that perfectly dissolves with fat even in cold water. Fairy Tea tree and peppermint is a cold shower for oily dishes!...

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500 ml

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