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Akura Nori Seaweed for Sushi 5 sheets 14g

14 g
55.40 uah

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Product description

Nori refers to pressed sheets of seaweed that look like paper. This product is one of the most popular sea vegetables in Japan. The nori making process is similar to the paper making method. At the beginning, the algae is crushed, then dried, and as a result, green leaves are obtained. Most often, nori sheets are used to make sushi. Namely, nori for sushi is an integral part of sushi rolls, because the entire structure of the roll rests on the nori. Sushi rice is laid on it and rolled into a sushi roll. But you can also use the nori leaf as a side dish or as a flavoring in Japanese soups (miso soup, dashi broth) or Japanese noodles. In such dishes, nori seaweed is no longer used dry, but boiled. The nori is pre-cut into oblong strips and then placed in broth or water....

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General information

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    14 g
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    5 pc

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