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Kulinarium Meister shortbread dough 500g

500 g
54.00 uah

Commentary for the collector

Product description

Our product fundamentally differs from all earlier proposed types of dough as it fully preserves the properties of freshly knead dough. Do not be surprised by the word “fresh” on the label. We have used progressive technologies to develop it. The secret lies in the special package that extends shelf life of the product to 45 days. Kulinarium Meister will be a great aid for those who value their time and who also want to treat their families or friends to exquisite and healthy food cooked with one’s own hands. Two rods of thin rolled cheesecake bases with a diameter 32 cm on the parchment paper for home baking of a variety of foods - cakes, pies, biscuits, cheesecakes, tarts, quiche, etc. You can make desserts, such as fruit pies, cheesecakes, or main dishes - pies stuffed with meat, fish or mushrooms....

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